Logo and Trade Marks

CyberTracker has evolved since it was founded in 1997. 

The name "CyberTracker" refers to the combination of traditional tracking skills (Tracker) with modern technology (Cyber). CyberTracker combines technology and human expertise in a way that has been recognised internationally as unique and ground-breaking. 

Over the years the CyberTracker has grown beyond its original aim of providing traditional non-literate Bushman trackers with a software to capture complex field data. CyberTracker has grown to include protected areas, scientific research, citizen science, environmental and science education, forestry, farming, social surveys, health surveys, crime prevention and disaster relief.

At the same time, CyberTracker also developed the CyberTracker Tracker Evaluation methodology for the certification of tracking skills. This provides objective validation for observer reliability of trackers using the CyberTracker software. In addition, the eBook "The Origin of Science" by Louis Liebenberg provides a scientific and philosophical basis for the employment of trackers and citizen scientists in scientific research.

While the free CyberTracker software is spreading unconstrained through viral marketing, the CyberTracker Tracker Evaluations require scientific peer review to maintain standards of accuracy. To make a clear distinction, two logos will be used to distinguish the complementary sides of CyberTracker.

The round CyberTracker logo may be used by all users of the CyberTracker software.

The original Bushman logo is reserved for CyberTracker certification and may not be used without permission.

Registered Trade Marks

CyberTracker, Professional Tracker, Senior Tracker and Master Tracker are Registered Trade Marks of CyberTracker Conservation NPC and may not be used without permission.