Showcasing CyberTracker Projects

Our vision is to work towards the creation of a network that will allow users to collaborate and share CyberTracker Applications (or Sequences), Electronic Field Guides and data on a worldwide basis.

Countries where CyberTracker is being used include:

Alaska (USA), Angola, Antarctic, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bénin, Bolivia, Botswana, Bourkina Faso, Brazil, Rep. Cameroon, Canada, Canary Islands, Central Africa, Chad, Chile,China, Colombia, Rep. Congo, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Czech Republic, Denmark, Equatorial Guinea,Ethiopia, France, French Guiana, Gabon, Germany, Greenland, Guyana, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Please let us know if your country is not on our list.

A selection of interesting projects include:

Australia and Papua New Guinea: Examining movements of waterbirds between northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. Bird counts, species lists, morphometric details, banding details and handling biological samples.

Ukraine: Field mapping of karst and cave features, Ukrainian Institute of Speleology and Karstology

Antarctic: Marine Biology - Whale Survey

Uganda: Effects of ecotourism on Bwindi mountain gorillas.

South Africa: University of Stellenbosch, Department of Forest Science.

South Africa: Stellenbosch University. Monitoring pest population levels in deciduous fruit orchards and vineyards

Mongolia: Gobi B Special Protected Area. Wildlife Monitoring with CyberTracker based on Line Transect Sampling Methods.

Malaysia: SOS Rhino Borneo, monitoring of free ranging Sumatran rhinos in Tabin. Malaysia University Malaysia Sabah. Research on Sumatran rhino.

Costa Rica: Tracking of jaguars on the Osa rain forest.

USA: Butterfly censuses in State of Florida

Snow Leopard Conservancy in Sonoma CA to help customize Cybertracker for research on snow leopards in Nepal, India, and Pakistan.

India: Hunting practices by indigenous tribes in Northeast India

Ethiopia: African Parks Foundation project in Omo National Park. Aerial surveys, large mammal, socio-economic and ground work.

Kenya: Use with de-snaring teams operating on the Tsavo area of Kenya.  Data collection for Kenya Wildlife Service.

Israel: Integrated Pest Management on regional scale in field and horticultural crops

USA: Boston MA, Bioblitzes in conjunction with E.O. Wilson LIFE project.

USA: Citizen Science project through the Boston Museum of Science.

Senegal: Chimpanzee behaviour.

Canada: Intertidal shoreline surveys by volunteer groups. Data from these surveys is posted in the Community Mapping Network (

Flemish bat-group: Updating of the current distribution maps, monitoring of the bat population.

New Caledonia: Survey of marine turtle in the Bourail area, New Caledonia, south Pacific.

Romanian White Stork population monitoring.

Gibraltar: Bird monitoring.

Taiwan: Department of Life Sciences and the Institute of Biodiversity in National Cheng-Kung University. Several projects e.g. "Monitoring of the parasitic plant Cuscuta", "The survey of C4 plants" and "The weeds database of Taiwan".

Spain: EPPEX (Equipo de Investigación Primeros Pobladores de Extremadura), is an archaeological project on middle and lower Pleistocene in Iberian Peninsula.

Bolivia: Forest project.

The Austrian Armed Forces Disaster Relief Unit. Emergency response missions to assess the situation and report to the On-Site Operations Coordination Center and to the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs.

Alaska: Study of sperm whale depredation of longline fisheries.

Canada: Winnipeg, River Water Quality Monitoring.

Switzerland: Butterfly census.

Peru: Bird follow-up in Cajamarca.

USA: Dolphin research in Southern California.

Australia: Collecting field data for line transect surveys of Kangaroos in New South Wales.

Australia: Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands in Central Australia. Information about threatened species such as Malleefowl and Black-flanked rock wallabies. Cybertrackers are good in the field as a quick way of collecting GPS based data as many Anangu (the Aboriginal people of the Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands) have poor literacy.

Costa Rica: Population size and structure, as well as microhabitat parameters in a study on the single remnant population of the critically endangered variable harleuin frog (Atelopus varius).

Cameroon: use of CyberTracker in 2 industrial logging concessions (DECOLVENAERE -150,000 ha and SEFAC – 400,000 ha) for forest inventories as part of the sustainable forest management planning process.

Cameroon: The impact of logging on gorillas' and chimpanzees' spatial distribution in an active concession of South-eastern Cameroon.

Spain: Aiguestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, in Spanish Pireness. The project is about mammals distribution in protected area and the relation with habitat characteristics.

Vietnam: Rural development project collecting farmers asset data.

Brazil: Medical surveys.

New Zealand: Disaster Relief.

Czech Republic: Valuate the coverage of demands of engangered species with focus on their possible reintroduction.

The Washington Conservation Corps will be utilizing the Cybertracker system to collect monitoring information on approximately 30 ecological restoration project sites throughout the state of Washington.

Kenya: Lions of Tsavo.

USA: Santa Rosa, CA. Search and Rescue.

Russia: Ecology problem in central Russia

China: Snow Leopard monitoring

A selection of projects that illustrate the geographic range include:


Angola: Quicama National Park

Cameroon: WWF Cameroon Programme, Yaounde

Côte d'Ivoire: Parc National de Taï

Equatorial Guinea: Zoological Society of London and Imperial College London: PhD project collecting biological, sociological and economic data on all elements of a bushmeat supply chain.

Gabon: Programme Kudu, Research and monitoring of sea turtles.

Gabon: Loango NP, WCS/Operation Loango.  Project combined between conservation, scientific research and eco-tourism for the National Park of Loango.

Kenya:PhD research on the ecology of the mountain bongo antelope.

Madagascar: Ranger based monitoring in Madagascar's National Parks.

Mozambique: Southern African Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Gorongosa Marromeu transect / Vegetation Mapping of Gorongosa National park.

Nambia: Oshimeno. Game counting.

Nigeria: Ibadan, Oyo State. The International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA). Various projects in plant health and diseases, and socio-economic surveys.

Rwanda: Nyungwe Forest Reserve

Uganda: Effects of ecotourism on Bwindi mountain gorillas in Uganda

South Africa: Stellenbosch: Insect pollinators in transformed landscapes in the Cape Floristic Region (CFR).

South Africa: Tswalu Kalahari Reserve. Black Rhino Research Project.

South Africa: Marloth Nature Reserve, Swellendam.

South Africa: De Wildt Wild Cheetah Project

Tanzania: Kigoma, Gombe Stream Research Centre.

Zimbabwe: Harare, CIRAD-Zimbabwe French Embassy.

Zambia: Anti-poaching patrols in the Lower Zambezi National Park and game monitoring.

Asia / Middle East:

Israel: Ramat Aviv,Tel Aviv University. Bird behavior studies.

Israel: Society of Preservation of Nature in Israel

India: Snow Leopard in Ladakh.

China: Snow Leopard monitoring

Sri Lanka: Sanje Lanka PVT Limited. Disaster relief for the tsunami victims.

Vietnam: Hoang Lien National Park

Australia / New Zealand:

Australia: Fox monitoring for Parks Victoria

Australia: Research Unit, Cultural Heritage Division, Hurtsville

Australia: Alice Springs: North Territory Government's Biodiversity Consezrvation Division, teaming up with Aboriginal trackers to study the elusive sand-dwelling marsupial mole of Australia.

Western Australia: Rangelands Sustainability Monitoring Project.

North Western Victoria: Monitor breeding numbers of malleefowl.

New Zealand: Department of Conservation.

Central America:

Costa Rica: Tracking of jaguars on the Osa rain forest in Costa Rica

Mexico (and USA): Borderlands Jaguar Detection Project.

Belize: Belize Biodiversity Information System

South America:

Argentina: Sustainable development and conservation of the patagonian steppe.

Argentina: Population ecology and conservation of guanacos (Lama guanicoe) in Patagonia

Bolivia: Logistic Project, La Paz.

Brazil: Small farm in Atlantic Forest, Sao Paulo State

Colombia: Ecology of montane forests in Colombia - Central Andean region

North America:

USA: New Jersey. Bald Eagle Territory Use.

USA: Island of Martha's Vineyard, MA: Habitat and den site characteristics of striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis).

USA: Yellowstone National Park

USA: Murray, Kentucky: Effects of habitat fragmentation and stream channelization on mammalian activity along river corridors.

USA: Southern Connecticut: Education program to introduce elementary aged school children (grades 1 - 5) to nature around their own school. The goal is to inspire them to step away from their computer games and television sets and instead head out-of-doors to enjoy the real world.

USA: East Palo Alto, CA: Natue Mapping with 5th grade students from East Palo Alto Charter School.

USA: Montague, Massachusetts: Montague Plains Community Mapping Project.

USA: Austin, Texas: Impact of exotic invasive plant species on bird habitat in Central Texas.

USA: New Hampshire, New Boston: Piscataquog watershed.

USA: Northern Maine: Lynx Tracking Project.

USA: Portland, Oregon: Cooper Mountain Survey.

USA: Ann Arbor, MI: BioKIDS: Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species.

USA: Amesbury/Newburyport, Ma: Wildlife Inventory Project.

USA: Tucson, Az.: Wildlife Survey.

USDA - Track the spread of specific vectors that affect a number of crops in California.

USA: Banks High School in Banks, Oregon.

USA: San Francisco, California: Field data pertaining to trail locations, plant communities

USA: Striped Skunk behavioral ecology in coastal waterbird nesting habitat.

USA: Hopkinton, NH: GIS and Natural Resource Management Class.

USA: Presidio, San Francisco: Crissy Field Community Environmental Center.

USA: Chemult, Oregon: Oregon Spotted Frog Habitat Use and Effects of Grazing. General Wildlife related surveys for the Forest Service.

USA: University of North Carolina: Research on Elephant Tracking in Cameroon.

USA: Portland, Oregon: Nature Mapping.

USA: Amherst, Massachusetts: Hampshire College. Undergraduate thesis, entitled "The Ecology of the Imagination," a natural science department senior thesis.

USA: Houghton Lake, Michigan: Coyote-dog hybrid presence in Roscommon CO.

USA: Santa Barbara: Thesis work for Masters in Environmental Science.

USA: Western painted turtle survey in Western Oregon

USA: Lakota Community, Sitting Bull College in Fort Yates, North Dakota

USA: Minnesota: Masters thesis research, Wildlife Research Institute of Ely. The effects of supplemental feeding on the activity patterns of black bears.

USA: Sensing Cape Cod project at the Cape Cod National Seashore.

USA: Boston, MA: Museum of Science. School children and teachers

USA: Lewisville, Texas: LLELA Mammal Activity Study.

USA: Utah Biology Department, University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Resource use in ant communities in Texas and Arizona.

Canada: PostDoc work at Parks Canada and the University of Manitoba.Research on two species at risk: the Swift Fox and Woodland Caribou.

Canada: Vancouver: outdoor education program to allow students to learn behavour ecology

Canada: University of Alberta, Wildlife Productivity & Management.

Canada: Montreal, Quebec: Monitoring of native plant populations in agricultural landscapes.


Austria: University of Vienna, Austria. Master degree on the neotropical poison frog Allobates femoralis, in French Guiana.

Belgium: Nature and Forest Departmentt of the Univeristy of Gembloux.

Belgium: Agronomical studies.

France: Hunting and bushmeat trade survey at Mount Nimba Biosphere Reserve (Republic of Guinea).

France: Lyon. Training the managers of the World Heritage Protected Areas in 9 West African Countries, including Senegal, Guinea and in Niger Republic

Italy: University of Rome

Luxembourg: Groupe Spéléologique Luxembourgeois

Poland: GPS surveying for LULC mapping and verification, Wroclaw University, Institute of Plant Biology

Netherlands: Wageningen University. PhD thesis on the effects of fire on the processes driving tree spacing.

Netherlands: Register nests of birds in grassland.

Netherlands: Developing digital CyberTracker database of dutch wildlife tracks for secondairy school projects.

Portugal: Dept Zoologia, Univ de Coimbra, Portugal

Spain: El Rocío Huelva: Recuperación de Patrimonio en Doñana.

Spain: Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.

Spain: Seabird migration study in the Strait of Gibraltar

Switzerland: Butterfly census.

Sweden: Karlstad: Mapping specimens from enviroment (water, dust) during accidents  (fires and chemicals).

United Kingdom: University of Durham, with Cape Nature, South Africa. Monitoring of the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra, at De Hoop Nature Reserve.

University of Leads, England

Bushmeat research programme.

Bird Reserves in UK

Ireland: Ecology and habitat data in nature reserves in the Dublin.

Technical support from CyberTracker Conservation

List of Projects implemented in Africa that have received direct technical support from CyberTracker Conservation through the EC grant

Republic of Congo:

  • Direction de la Faune et des Aires Protégées for nationwide monitoring of protected areas
  • Parc National d'Odzala (ECOFAC / DFAP)
  • Parc National Noubalé Ndoki (WCS / DEFAP)
  • Zones Peripheriques au Parc Nationale Ndoki
  • Reserve Communautaire Du Lac Tele
  • Parc National De ConKouati-Douli
  • Réserve de la Léfini (John Aspinall Foundation / DFAP)


  • Complexe de Gamba (WWF)
  • Parc National de la Lopé (ECOFAC, London Zoological Society)
  • Parc National de Minkébé (WWF)
  • Parc National d'Ivindo (WCS)
  • Rougier forestry concession
  • IFK forestry concession (with Gembloux University)


  • Exploitation Forestière Palisco (with Gembloux University)
  • Réserve du Dja (ECOFAC / DFAP)
  • Lobeke (WWF / DFAP)


  • Zones Cynégétiques Villageoises (community-managed safari hunting zones) in northern CAR. (ECOFAC, MinEF, Sociétés de Chasse sportive)
  • Parc National Manovo-Gounda-St Floris (ECOFAC/MinEF)
  • Parc National Bamingui Bangoran (ECOFAC/MinEF)
  • Réserve de Sangba (ECOFAC/MinEF)
  • Parc National de Mbaéré-Bodingué (ECOFAC/MinEF)

Equatorial Guinea:

  • Parc National de Monte Alen (ECOFAC / INDEFOR)
  • Benin / Burkina Faso / Niger:
  • Parc Transfrontalier du W (EC funded ECOPAS regional project)


  • Parc National de Zakouma (CURESS, Cirad)
  • Contribution to reconnaissance surveys of fauna in the Sahelo-Saharan zone (CIRAD, CMS/ASS)

South Africa National Parks:

  • Kruger National Park
  • Makuleke Community Project in Kruger National Park
  • Karoo National Park
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park
  • Table Mountain National Park
  • Namaqua National Park
  • Marekele National Park
  • Addo Elephant National Park
  • Mountain Zebra National Park
  • Wilderness National Park
  • Tsitsikamma National Park
  • Kimberley National Parks Research Group
  • Western Cape Conservation Board, South Africa:
  • De Hoop Nature Reserve
  • Cederberg Nature Reserve
  • Jonkershoek Nature Reserve
  • Hottentotsholland Nature Reserve
  • Kogelberg Nature Reserve
  • Limietberg Nature Reserve
  • Walkerbay Nature Reserve
  • Outeniqua Nature Reserve
  • Goukamma Nature Reserve
  • Northern Cape Province, South Africa:
  • Doornkloof Nature Reserve
  • Rolfontein Nature Rereve
  • Oorlogskloof Nature Rerseve
  • Goegap Nature Resreve
  • Free State Province, South Africa
  • Koppies Nature Reserve
  • Willem Pretorius Nature Reserve
  • Tussen die Riviere Nature Reserve
  • Sandveld Nature Reserve
  • Mpumalanga Province, South Africa
  • Songimvelo nature reserve
  • Origstaddam nature reserve
  • Loskopdam nature reserve
  • Private Nature Reserves, South Africa
  • Phinda Resource Reserve
  • Thornybush Nature Reserve
  • Botswana
  • Botswana Wildlife Department
  • Zimbabwe
  • CIRAD, community based projects in the Zambezi Valley.
  • Mozambique
  • Gorongosa National Park
  • Tanzania
  • A new sanctuary south of the Serengeti managed by VIP Safari Club.