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Remote Synchronization

Created on 27 May 2014. Posted in Software

... administrator to create a scheduled task on the server which routinely picks up data files and adds them to the database. Technical Support  ...

Server Setup

Created on 27 May 2014. Posted in Software

...  Download and install MySQL from Version 5.1 is recommended. Add the following line to \MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\my.ini: max_allowed_packet = 64M Download ...

Feature List

Created on 27 May 2014. Posted in Software

...  Frequency Graphs Efficiency Graphs Trend Graphs Trend Data The Query Editor includes: Date range selection Inspector showing individual observations Edit or Delete sightings Adding ...

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Created on 16 April 2012. Posted in Software

... 2. Create Screens for CyberTracker Application 3. Link Screens into a Sequence of Screens 4. Add Save Buttons and OK Elements 5. Test Run to check that all Screens are linked correctly 6. Add Icons and ...

Add your Project to the CyberTracker website

Created on 20 July 2010. Posted in Descriptive

You can help us develop a Worldwide Environmental Monitoring Network by adding your project to the CyberTracker website. Please email a short description and a photo of your project to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . ...

Advanced Features

Created on 19 July 2010. Posted in Software

... belong to multiple Categories. For example, add the Element "Juniper Bush" to multiple folders by clicking on the Element and then on the ellipsis under its Category column. Check off all the Categories ...

The CyberTracker Story

Created on 16 July 2010. Posted in Indigenous

... non-literate trackers can do science. Video: Tracking in the Cyber Age In addition to projects with Kalahari San trackers, CyberTracker projects have also been initiated with indigenous communities ...

Showcasing CyberTracker Projects

Created on 06 July 2010. Posted in Descriptive

... Project in Kruger National Park Karoo National Park Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park Table Mountain National Park Namaqua National Park Marekele National Park Addo Elephant National Park ...

Spoor Identification

Created on 28 June 2010. Posted in Tracking

... in the case of mongooses, the proximal pads may not show at all. On hard ground padded toes may not show and only claw marks may be seen. If the spoor could be that of several possible species, the distribution ...