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Tracking Science

Created on 27 May 2014. Posted in Science

... by observable effects on bodies similar to those that such a force (or field) would have on bodies. Nuclear particles cannot be seen. Physicists can only see signs, such as "particle tracks," that correspond ...

Free eBook: The Art of Tracking: The Origin of Science

Created on 08 June 2012. Posted in Books

... of early hunter-gatherers have a direct line to the propositions of modern physicists who "track" sub-atomic particles. Liebenberg argues that the art of tracking involves the same intellectual and creative ...

First CyberTracker Project in Karoo National Park

Created on 24 June 2011. Posted in Protected Areas

... first article (co-authored with Louis Liebenberg and Lindsay Steventon), on "Rhino Tracking with the CyberTracker Field Computer"(see below). In addition they recorded tracks of rare or nocturnal species ...

Men’s Health: Yes, You Were Born to Run

Created on 01 January 2011. Posted in Print

... 30, hadn't done the conditioning to be a long-distance runner, and he was wearing heavy leather boots as a precaution against poisonous snakes. And this was shaping up to be a hard run. Read full article... ...

Dangerous Animals

Created on 19 July 2010. Posted in Tracking

... rhino, do not run away, but stand still and then move downwind. Meanwhile look for a suitable tree to climb. If there is no tree, slowly walk downwind and take off some article of clothing or rucksack ...

CyberTracker Monitoring Programme: Final Report November 2007

Created on 30 November 2007. Posted in Discussion Papers

... considerable worldwide media coverage since the EC grant was awarded with at least 74 articles and/or films appearing in the media. CTC makes every effort to ensure that the EC's critical role in supporting ...

Snow Leopards Earn Their Keep in Tourist Dollars

Created on 18 September 2007. Posted in Print

... in local biodiversity issues. The synergy between indigenous knowledge and modern information and communication (IC) technology has been found to vastly improve environmental monitoring. Read full article... ...