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Running and Thinking

Created on 27 May 2014. Posted in Born to Run

Mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body. Running seems to require a great amount of high-level thinking. A study, published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, found that the ...

Born to Run

Created on 27 May 2014. Posted in Born to Run

   BY RICHARD CONNIFF, APRIL 16, 2008, Men's Health Millions of years of genetic mutation and adaptation have produced a singular animal whose body, mind, and spirit are primed to sprint ...

The Kudu Chase

Created on 27 May 2014. Posted in Born to Run

... enough to animals to get a good shot with a bow and arrow. That morning we were tracking a healthy kudu bull. By midday we caught up with it, but again it ran away. This was when !Nate (photo), Kayate ...

Logo and Trade Marks

Created on 22 July 2013. Posted in Uncategorised

... environmental and science education, forestry, farming, social surveys, health surveys, crime prevention and disaster relief. At the same time, CyberTracker also developed the CyberTracker Tracker Certification ...

Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network, Canada

Created on 11 October 2012. Posted in Indigenous

... have a strong desire to monitor and understand the health and status of cultural and natural resources in the region and address common concerns. The CoastTracker uses CyberTracker software to improve ...

Health Mapping

Created on 26 June 2011. Posted in Articles

More information: website link

CyberTracker data shows impact of Ebola on Lowland Gorillas

Created on 24 June 2011. Posted in Protected Areas

... Lowland Gorilla mortality due to Ebola in the Lossi Sanctuary, Republic of Congo. Wild animal outbreaks began before each of the 5 human Ebola outbreaks. Twice we alerted the health authorities to an ...

Keeping Track of Health Provision

Created on 14 January 2011. Posted in Descriptive

The rural population of eastern Indonesia generally has limited access to health services due to rugged topography, poor roads and limited health resources. Moreover there are no comprehensive ...

Men’s Health: Yes, You Were Born to Run

Created on 01 January 2011. Posted in Print

During his first full-throttle "persistence hunt," the South African biologist Louis Liebenberg was working with bushmen in the Kalahari Desert in the early 1990s. Armed with handmade bows and arrows, ...

Dangerous Animals

Created on 19 July 2010. Posted in Tracking

... of caution and curiosity. A healthy curiosity leads to an increase in knowledge, which diminishes irrational fear, but should always be tempered by adequate caution. Natural fear is important, as long ...

The CyberTracker Story

Created on 16 July 2010. Posted in Indigenous

... outbreaks began before each of the five human Ebola outbreaks. Twice it was possible to alert the health authorities to an imminent risk for human outbreaks, weeks before they occurred. Video: Cross ...

Showcasing CyberTracker Projects

Created on 06 July 2010. Posted in Descriptive

... Game counting. Nigeria: Ibadan, Oyo State. The International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA). Various projects in plant health and diseases, and socio-economic surveys. Rwanda: Nyungwe Forest ...