Old Handheld Devices

CyberTracker Version 3.284 (or earlier) supports most PalmOS, PocketPC and Windows Mobile Devices. If you bought a device in the last 5 years that runs PalmOS or Windows (Mobile/CE), then it will probably work. However, CyberTracker requires touch screen support, so Smart phones without touch screens are not supported. Color on Palm is only supported on OS 5 and above. You can collect data with both PocketPCs and Palms at the same time.


Technical Support

Legacy Devices

Compatible GPS Devices

CyberTracker supports any GPS that can output NMEA sentences. NMEA is a serial text protocol that GPS devices use to communicate with other computers. TSIP (Trimble) is also supported. In general, most serial and Bluetooth GPS devices work.

Compatible Camera Devices

For the camera feature you need a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device. 

Smartphones with GPS and cameras

Bluetooth GPS Options

Palm OS Options

PocketPC Options