Demo Applications


Demo Applications

These Demo Applications illustrate the range of possibilities you can create with CyberTracker. The CyberTracker Photo Notes (GeoTagger) is the simplest data capture Application, consisting of taking a photo, making a field note and capture time, date and GPS position. The Simple Demo Application is very easy to customise and adapt for your own needs. The Leopard Toad Application has a few very simple data capture screens, but includes an Identification Tab with photos and a toad call recording to assist in identification. The Biodiversity with Plant Identification Filter Application illustrates a media rich User Interface design which contains icons, a plant species identification filter and a digital field guide, including the GPS GoTo feature and GPS Field Map. The Wildlife Monitoring Application includes data screens for Ranger Patrol and Line Transect wildlife surveys.

Download Application: Simple Demo Application (CTX)

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Screen Design Features

This Application demonstrates some of the Screen Design features you can use to design your own screens

Download Application: Features (CTX), Justin Steventon

Community Applications

These Community Applications demonstrate the flexibility of CyberTracker for a variety of different uses. We welcome Applications from the CyberTracker community which can be shared with others. Sharing Applications will allow other users to use them or make slight modifications to suit their own needs.

Download Application: BirdKey (CTX), Justin Steventon
Download Application: Tutorial (CTX), Justin Steventon
Download Application: Master Shikari (CTX), Jon Young

The above files are saved in ZIP file archives. Please use and de-compressor software to uncompress them before installation on your computer.

If your browser doesn't download the files automatically, please 'right-click' on the file you require, and select 'save-as' to save it on your local hard drive.

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