Qualified Trackers



Over the last thirty years, Louis Liebenberg witnessed the steep decline in traditional tracking skills in southern Africa. As a means to identify those dwindling few with excellent tracking skills, and to help rebuild a body of tracking knowledge, Liebenberg designed and provided the first CyberTracker Tracker Evaluation in the Thornybush Nature Preserve near Kruger National Park in 1994. Since that time, the evaluation system has become the National Standard for South Africans certified to work within ecotourism, as well as an international standard for wildlife tracking skills in an increasing number of countries.

Since 1994 more than 4500 CyberTracker certificates have been issued to more than 2500 qualified trackers. This includes 13 Master Tracker certificates (five have passed away, but we know that there are more master trackers in the Kalahari who have not yet been evaluated), 30 Senior Tracker certificates and 38 Track & Sign Specialist certificates.

In Memory of the Elder Master Trackers

The Master Tracker certificate was created in honour of the memory of the elder generation of traditional hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari. Some of the best Master Trackers, some of whom are no longer alive, included the late !Nam!kabe Molote of Lone Tree, Botswana, !Namka and /Xantsue of Bere, Botswana, /Dzau /Dzaku and Xa//nau of Groot Laagte, Botswana, Bahbah, Jehjeh and Hewha, Ngwatle Pan, Botswana, Tso!oma, Ganamasi and Mutsabapu of Old Xade, Central Kalahari, Botswana, !Nani //Kxao, Ghau ≠Oma and Tsisaba Debe of the Nyae Nyae Conservancy, Namibia.

A distinction is made between the Traditional Master Tracker and the Master Tracker. The Traditional Master Tracker was or still is a traditional hunter, using the persistence hunting method and/or the traditional poison bow-and-arrow. The Master Tracker practise tracking in a modern context. Master Trackers have been evaluated by Louis Liebenberg.

Traditional Master Trackers

!Nate Brahman, Lone Tree, Botswana

Horekhwe (Karoha) Langwane, Lone Tree, Botswana

Quashe (/Uase) Xhukwe, Lone Tree, Botswana

Nxjouklau Kashe, Bere, Botswana

The late /Ui /Ukxa, Nyae Nyae Conservancy, Namibia

The late Dabe Dahm, Nyae Nyae Conservancy, Namibia

The late /Kun //Xari, Nyae Nyae Conservancy, Namibia

Master Trackers

The late Karel Kleinman (Vet Piet), Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, South Africa

The late Dawid Bester, West Coast National Park, South Africa

Wilson Masia, Thornybush Nature Reserve, South Africa

Karel Benadie (Pokkie), Karoo National Park, South Africa

James Minye (JJ), Table Mountain National Park, South Africa

Lucas Mathonsi, Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

Adriaan Louw, South Africa

Mark Elbroch, USA

CyberTracker Evaluation Standards Committee

The Evaluation Standards were developed by Louis Liebenberg and the CyberTracker Evaluation Standards Committee. The Evaluation Standards Committee consists of Louis Liebenberg, Wilson Masia, Juan Pinto, Adriaan Louw and Mark Elbroch.

Initial Evaluators

Louis Liebenberg (Southern Africa)

Mark Elbroch (USA)

External Evaluators

Louis Liebenberg

Adriaan Louw

Mark Elbroch

Juan Pinto

Colin Patrick

Senior Tracker Evaluators

Juan Pinto (South Africa)

Colin Patrick (South Africa)

Alan Yeowart (South Africa)

Lee Gutteridge (South Africa)

Track & Sign Specialist Evaluators

Johan Fourie (South Africa)

Mark Stavrakis (South Africa)

Casey McFarland (USA)

Jonah Evans (USA)

George Leoniak (USA)

Dave Moskowitz (USA)

Andreas Carl Liebenberg (South Africa)

Taryn Ingram-Gillson (South Africa)

José Galan (Spain)

Trailing Specialist Evaluators

Brian McConnell (USA)

Assistant Evaluators

Friedrich Alpers (Namibia)