Indigenous Knowledge

The CyberTracker Story

The Art of Tracking may well be the origin of science. After hundreds of thousands of years, traditional tracking skills may soon be lost. Yet tracking can be developed into a new science with far-reaching implications for nature conservation. Involving scientists and local communities in key areas of biodiversity, CyberTracker combines indigenous knowledge with state-of-the-art computer and satellite technology.


I-Tracker, Australia

The North Australian Indigenous CyberTracker Network is part of the CyberTracker Worldwide Network. I-Tracker is a network of Indigenous Land and Sea managers and researchers across north Australia who are working together to collect and share information for better land and sea management.

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CyberTracker on Angas Downs, Australia

Australian Wildlife Services currently facilitate a Cybertracker program on Angas Downs, where the Angas Downs Indigenous Rangers implement wildlife and other information tracking.

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