New Features

For a more detailed update on new software features and bug fixes see Change History under Advanced.

Recently added features include:

  • Desktop: Paste new sightings from Excel.
  • Desktop: Transect move points.
  • Client: Keypad formula mode property for Element Lists using Number keypad list mode.
  • View data in Google Earth
  • Remote transfer of data from the Smartphone to a central ftp site
  • Desktop: Excel paste of Elements can include file paths for pasting media.
  • Desktop: Shape export of grid will export a grid shape file
  • Desktop: GeoTagger sample Application
  • Client: Sound recording.
  • Client: Goto feature
  • Client: Automatic backup to SD card
  • Desktop: Data recovery console
  • Desktop: Improved bulk edit functionality
  • Desktop: Bulk delete of elements from sightings.
  • Desktop: Create new sightings from the desktop.
  • Desktop: Count per time in Frequency graph.
  • Client: Alias override for Element List control.
  • Desktop: Export to TSV (tab separated values)
  • Desktop: Tables can show any Element property, not just Value, name and Tag
  • Desktop: Export of collected media data to files via CSV and TSV
  • Desktop: Convert Measure line into line layer
  • Client: Manual GPS entry
  • Desktop: Create database connection dialog
  • Desktop: Efficiency graph: patrols, speed, average start and stop time
  • Desktop: Frequency graph: count per distance
  • Desktop: Measure tool on map
  • Desktop: Export CTX from table view