Add Icons

To add Icons to your Elements, click on the Screen, and then under the Screen Properties column, click on the blank space to the right of “Elements” and then on the ellipsis button “[...]”

This takes you to the Edit Element List. To add Icons to Elements, click on the Element and then on the ellipsis in the Icon 32x32 or Icon 50x50 column.

The numbers such as 32 x 32 refer to the size of the icon in pixels. The size 32 x 32 is the best size for old Palm screens that are 160 x 160 pixels. For new PDA’s with higher resolution, when using Large Icon screens, create icons that are 50 x 50 pixels.

You may use the icons found in the Icon Library, alter them, or create your own. Click on the ellipsis […] to import an icon. The drop-down button shows a preview of the icon or image. (If you do not see the icon you want, you can create your own icon – see below) Click OK and then OK in Edit Element List.

You must select the type of icon you used (i.e. Icon32 or Icon50) from the Attribute field in the Properties column. If you still do not see the icon on the screen, return to the Edit Element List window and make sure you clicked OK after you chose an icon and not Cancel.

Note that you can use an icon of size 32x32 as an Icon50, or you can use an icon of size 50x50 as an Icon32, since CyberTracker will automatically resize them to fit. But icons will look better if they are the correct size.

To show Icons in the History List, you must add an Icon32 to the Element. So if you are using Icon50 on the screen, and therefore select the Attribute field in Screen Properties column as Icon50, the Element must have both Icon32 and Icon50.

To Modify or Create New Icons

Within Microsoft Paint, you can open an icon from the Icon Library and modify it or follow the steps below:

Select Start, Programs, Accessories, Paint

Select Image, Attributes

For a 50 x 50 icon, select Width: 50, Height: 50

Select Units: Pixels

Select Colors: Black and White or Colors

Click OK

Click on the Magnifyer tool icon to magnify image x 8.

Click on the Pencil tool icon to draw icon with your mouse.

Select File, Save As, and type in file name.

Save as type: 24-bit Bitmap (*.bmp) image.

Select Save

Note: The Erase tool is too large to erase one pixel at a time. To erase a single pixel, select the color white and use the Pencil tool to draw in white over the black pixels that need to be erased.