Navigation Field Map

Add Navigation Field Map to Application

In Reports, select New View, Map. If you are connected to the Internet, the default Map View will be Virtual Earth. Zoom into the area you wish to create as a Field Map. Select the “Field map” button and save the map as an ECW file.

To add a Field Map to your Application, go back to Applications and select Application Properties and the Field Map tab. Select the […] button to browse and select the ECW map file you created.

The Field Map can now be viewed in your Application by selecting the GPS triangle in the Navigator bar on the screen.

You can also Use ESRI Shape File Map Layers (*.shp) to create Field Map or an Image Map (*.bmp) to create Field Map

Add Transect Lines to Field Map

In Reports, Map View, Use Measure tool to draw line on map,

Right-Click, select “Create line layer from measure”.

Type in the File name, and Save line as a Shape File,

Confirm that you want to add this layer to the map (Yes).

The line you created will now be added to Layers of your Shape File map.

You can change the color of the line by clicking on the appropriate “Line” Layer

Now select the Field map button to create a Field Map that contains the line you created.