National Indigenous Ranger CyberTracker Project, Australia

Angas-BoxThe primary aim of this project is to implement an on-ground data collection system which aligns with the Caring for our Country monitoring, evaluation, reporting and implementation (MERI) strategy and which will ultimately provide data on the state and change over time in the condition of assets on Indigenous Protected Areas and Working on Country projects. CyberTracker is uniquely appropriate for Indigenous use where there may be language barriers and harsh field conditions.

Indigenous rangers are already achieving environmental outcomes and reporting six-monthly against detailed scopes of works. The coordinated use of CyberTracker technology will enable important improvements to existing reporting by enabling consistent and reliable environmental data collection across projects. CyberTracker records data (on events, observations or issues) in the field for downloading to a database management system where analysis and mapping of the data can be done.

Key success factors for CyberTracker implementation are training and support for Working on Country rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas projects during roll out; coordination of database applications used to record information across groups; as well as, technical support for implementation, data sharing and storage. Training, coordination and support is being provided through three networks across northern, central and southern Indigenous Protected Areas and Working on Country projects.


Scientific Papers on Indigenous Community Projects

Box-Scientific-papersThe Djelk Rangers have found CyberTracker to be an efficient, cost-effective, user-friendly and versatile data collection and management tool that can empower land and sea managers to engage in local, regional and national environmental decision making. The data capabilities and successful uptake of this technology by the Djelk Rangers demonstrate its potential as a tool for other Indigenous groups and its relevance to a broad environmental audience.

Indigenous Women Rangers Talking

Women RangersMore and more Indigenous women around Australia are becoming rangers. Many ranger groups are now using the CyberTracker computer technology to collect information about their work, their country and culture.


Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network, Canada

Coastal-Canada-boxLocal Guardian Watchmen are collaborating and coordinating their monitoring efforts on the North and Central Coast of BC. The Regional Monitoring System was developed because Coastal First Nation communities have a strong desire to monitor and understand the health and status of cultural and natural resources in the region and address common concerns.

The CoastTracker uses CyberTracker software to improve data integrity, data entry and spatial data.