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Stories in Tracks & Sign: Reading the Clues that Animals Leave Behind

by Diane Gibbons and Mark Elbroch

Mark-Stories-TracksBeautiful nature photographs combined with illustrations allow readers to discover the mystery behind wild animal tracks and sign. Detailed information about each sign is provided, urging readers to imagine what animal might have made a particular footprint, left fleece on a rock, built a nest in a grill, and so on. On the next page, an illustration overlaid on the photograph shows what animal made the sign, such as a bobcat balancing on a snow-covered log. Certain to delight readers of all ages, this book presents a unique perspective on how to read animal tracks and sign in the wild.

Peterson Field Guide to Animal Tracks

By Olaus J. Murie, Mark Elbroch and Roger Tory Peterson

Mark-Murie-PetersonA Field Guide to Animal Tracks, third edition This completely updated edition includes 100 color photographs of tracks and sign, more than 1,000 line drawings, and updated nomenclature for all the mammals of North America. The text includes descriptions of habits, habitats, tracks, signs, and ranges and is filled with wonderful natural history stories.

Animal Tracks of New England

by Ian Sheldon, Tamara Hartson and Mark Elbroch

Mark-Tracks-New-EnglandConcise descriptions of the animals and their tracks are combined with detailed drawings of the front and back prints, stride patterns and other important identifying aspects. Each animal is captured in accurate black-and-white illustrations, including pattern and print comparisons. A perfect guide for teachers, parents, hikers and urban adventurers.

First Field Guide to Animal Tracks of Southern Africa

by Louis Liebenberg


This First Field Guide to Animal Tracks of Southern Africa will help those with an interest in interpreting animal tracks to identify the animals that have passed through an area.

Full-colour photographs and easy-to-read text will enable the beginner and budding naturalist to decipher the more common tracks encountered in southern Africa, learn about the unique features of each spoor and discover more about the animals that leave the spoor.

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